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Tom McCann, PhD
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Tom McCann, PhD

Executive Director


Dr. McCann earned his PhD in Organizational Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and received adjunct training in Internal Family Systems and Mentalization-Based Therapy. Dr. McCann is also trained in Co-Active Coaching and is a member of the American Psychological Association Society of Consulting Psychologists. 


Dr. McCann holds a MS degree in Human Resources Management from Troy University and a BS degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point. 


Prior to opening his practice at Bayberry, Dr. McCann was the co-founder and Executive Director of an eating disorders residential and outpatient treatment program for adults and adolescent females. It was in this setting that Dr. McCann envisioned the benefits of clinical interventions in a non-clinical population and the application of mind, body, behavioral, and somatic approaches to consulting and coaching. It is the integration of evidence-based psychological assessments and interventions for which informs his practice and approach to working with individuals and teams in all types of organizations. 


An important aspect of Dr. McCann’s practice is his extensive experience in business and leadership roles in multiple settings. His career began as an officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers. Following his time in the service, Dr. McCann worked in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in multiple roles, including executive sales leadership, training and development, business development, marketing, and consulting. 


Much of Dr. McCann’s professional interest and orientation revolve around re-thinking what it means to be a leader. General George S. Patton and Simón Bolívar are examples of great leaders. So too, are Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi - and the single mother that finds a way to raise her child with love, kindness, and compassion while working two jobs. Leadership is less about embodying a certain type of leadership and more about self-leadership, self-awareness, and the agility to show up with the skills for which are appropriate to the situation and the organization. This requires working at the “growth edge” of one’s Mind (logic and emotions), Body (behaviors and senses), Systems (internal and external), and Meta (values and beliefs), open to discovery, growth, and meaningful change. 


Outside of work, Dr. McCann enjoys being outdoors, hiking, and traveling at home and abroad with his family.

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