Individual Psychotherapy

For those adults dealing with behavioral health concerns

Group Psychotherapy

For adults dealing with trauma, eating disorder, attachment injury

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Consult & Supervision

For behavioral health professionals seeking licensure & specialization

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy, the one-on-one relationship between the therapist and the client, is the heart and soul of transformative change. While there are many different modalities of therapy, all therapeutic interventions share the goal of improving the quality of life for the client. Individual psychotherapy offers the hope of a calmer and more courageous existence, and the ability to deepen relationships with others and compassion for oneself. Often new clients fear judgment or rejection, particularly when disclosing personal experiences that create shame or guilt. An attuned therapist provides a safe space to explore these experiences, offering compassion, understanding, and healing

Group Psychotherapy

Group therapy fosters a sense of belonging and connection and reduces isolation by providing the clients the opportunity for the mutual support. Group therapy, in conjunction with individual therapy or on its own, leads to personal insights and allows learning of new relationship patterns. The group setting can help you gain a greater understanding of how you are perceived by and impact other people. In time, new skills and insights can be taken outside the group, offering the opportunity to deepen and strengthen personal relationship

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Consult & Supervision

If you are seeking consultation or supervision in certain areas of your practice, we can meet to discuss needs and expectations. I am experienced in several areas of psychological interventions and have an in-depth understanding of and experience with both eating disorders and trauma. I am IFS Level 3 trained and have assisted in multiple Level 1 and 2 IFS programs. In addition, I am a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist Supervisor (CEDS-S) and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). I am licensed as a Psychologist in Rhode Island, Massachusetts (temporary), Tennessee, and Alabama.