Growth, Healing, and Change
Through Authentic Connection with Self and Others


For adults dealing with behavioral health concerns


For adults dealing with trauma, eating disorder, attachment injury

Clinical Consult & Supervision

For behavioral health professionals seeking licensure & specialization

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For organizational development and individual executive coaching

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The Bayberry Story

Resilience - Creativity - Agility - Connection

For those avid hikers of New England's sandy shoreline trails, Bayberry is as familiar and comfortable as a well-worn pair of shoes. It is a touchstone species with unpretentious beauty and versatility, admired for its ability to thrive in harsh weather and poor soil conditions, often planted along shorelines as a windbreak and to stabilize areas with shifting sand dunes. Bayberry is also delightfully fragrant, producing a pleasant, balsamic aroma when the leaves and bark are crumpled in one's hand. An agile plant with many creative applications, Bayberry has been used for medicinal purposes, a spice for food and drink, and its waxy leaves and berries have been used for candle making. Bayberry shrubs are most often found in groups and with other plant species as they provide a spreading root system for ground stability and vital nutrients for which offer other plants in its ecosystem an environment to thrive. 


The Bayberry reflects both the New England roots of our practice as well as those qualities that offer the opportunity for growth, healing, and transformative change - resilience, creativity, agility, and connection. It is in these qualities for which we learn to reclaim the joy in our lives, learning to thrive in the soil for which we are planted, connecting with our natural creative and resourceful parts, and nourishing our relationship with self and others. 

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